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children's fund's vision is a bright future for every child.

children's fund's mission is giving our vulnerable children Support, Opportunity, and Hope by breaking destructive cycles through community partnerships.

The West End Auxiliary of Children's Fund was able to donate $100,500 to Children's Fund through the generosity of members, associates, sponsors and public support of the Auxiliary.


Almost 9,00 hours of volunteer time helped donate 469 blankets to children in need and support all the Auxiliary fundraisers this year. 


A $5,000 grant was received from the James L White Foundation to support the Garden Tours and Virtual Walks.


The ingenuity of the members and supporters  gave us many events to raise funds, such as, a Found Treasures Sidewalk Event, A Tea for Two Virtual event, Two Garden Tours and Two Virtual Walks.  


Generous public and member donations provided $4,500 for Computer Packages for college bound youth.

The Auxiliary and its supporters were able to provide the Children's Assessment Center with many needed items ranging from diapers and children's clothing (shirts, pants, blouses, jackets) of all sizes to juice and snack items.

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